Top Insurance Benefits For Better Travel Plans

There are many benefits of getting a good travel plan before you travel abroad. A lot of effort goes into planning a trip overseas. It begins with chalking out the destination, mode of transport, the stay, site-seeing locations to visit and so on. Everybody prefers a trip that is comfortable and hassle-free.

There can be unexpected glitches during your trip that can upset your travel plan. Having insurance for your travel plan safeguards you against any mishap that may occur during your trip. A good insurance plan covers various aspects like medical emergencies, travel delays, trip cancellations, loss of passport and luggage problems.

The importance of having an insurance travel plan are realised during medical emergencies. Cashless hospitalisation, daily allowance for hospitalisation and dental treatments are some of the facilities provided by travel insurance. Since many insurance companies have tie-ups with prominent health care groups in various countries, you can receive quality health care without having to worry about its consequences on your trip's budget.

A few things to keep in mind:

· Pre-existing conditions covered:Certain pre-existing conditions are covered by travel insurance. Typically, these are of a life threatening nature, but do not include addiction to alcohol, drugs, mental disorder, anxiety, depression etc. It is better to clarify the stance of the insurer regarding your pre-existing condition before buying insurance.
· Online extension facility: In case of a trip extension, you would want the benefits of insurance to be extended to cover you for the entire duration of the trip. This can be done if the insurance policy is renewable online. Such renewals are instant and ensure you do not miss coverage at any point in time on your trip.
· Legal expense reimbursement: Having insurance while travelling may come in handy to cover legal costs in case of involvement in litigation.
· Emergency cash due to robbery: You may be a victim of robbery where you lose your money. In this case, travel insurance provides you emergency funds to fulfil basic cash requirements in a foreign country.
· Medical evacuation and repatriation: An insured travel plan covers the cost of returning you to your home country after receiving medical treatment. Sometimes a medical professional accompanies you when necessary. In the event of death, it also covers the return of your remains to your home country.
· Claim Terms: While travelling, loss of personal belongings or money, passport, luggage issues, hijack distress, personal accident and liability, financial emergencies and other such causalities are handled by the insurance company. However, every insurance company has its own terms and conditions along with the claim limits, which are applicable to insurance claims. An understanding of this is vital to evaluating whether the policy meets your needs. Your travel plan should include these basic factors.