Economise Your Travel Plans

Travelling has always been a major financial risk but the money factor has never deterred the passionate lobe trotters from discovering unknown lands. Every generation has devised new ways to economise their journey. Travelling refreshes one's body and mind and replenishes him with that vital energy which sustains him through the monotony of a boorish daily existence. For artists and poets, travel holds the prospect of new experiences to enliven their creative pursuits, businessmen can't overlook the obvious business opportunities of finding newer and cheaper depots of resources and markets for their goods. But all these would be feasible once the itinerary has been planned out and the financial constraints thereby arising, resolved well before one embarks on the actual endeavour. Cost cutting measures have led to several companies forestalling the process of salary hike of the employee and the worst coda to this episode was the sacking of hundreds of employees. Travel expenses on the other hand, have geometrically risen and made any journey outside one's national borders, a tricky gamble.

The Couch Surfing Project

Every person is not capable of paying for his or her ticket to ride. For them, the lucrative Couchsurfing project has been put together. Couch surfing works on the principle of shared hospitality across borders. Suppose you were planning a trip to Cairo but could only pay the travel fares and had no money left for lodging or foods, you can easily avail the benefits of any couch surfing website. Using this method of roaming, a citizen of Egypt will take you in as free boarder provided you meet his or her requirements. This way you can save up money for buying memoirs or just travel more extensively. Next time, when the Egyptian or ay other referral from that website comes to visit your land, you offer back your hospitable services to him.

Mixed Wallet Concept

Its always advised that you travel with a mixed wallet. A mixed wallet is a primary backup against any sort of thieving or robbery while you are on the road. If you divide your money into different credit and debit cards, travellers' cheques, foreign currency as well as native one, travel money and kind, you are bound to be something left to subside on, even if you have your goods or wallet stolen. Equally important is the fact that you keep your money scattered and hidden in different parts of your luggage and clothes.

Travel Money from Online Providers

Travellers' Cheques are gradually fading into oblivion, rather its being fast replaced by travel money. Before you leave your country, do not use your bank or building society's help to purchase travel money. If you have surfed the high waves of tourism economy carefully, you will get to know several online providers offer free delivery of foreign currency. Their geographical spread is generally very large and they go low on the commissions bit since they are trying to increase their own market shares.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards, despite being a later entry in this arena, has gained sufficient popularity in recent times. Unlike credit or debit cards, not only do you have your card insured but also your funds which you can avail once you apply for a replacement.