London Travel Plans

Local authorities now require that Itineraries (otherwise known as Green travel plans) submitted with the planning application for various types of development to ensure that new businesses or facilities actively seek ways to minimize the impact of traffic.

This usually will aim to reduce single occupancy car trips by staff travelling for work. In some cases the customer journey also included in document OkAnyWay.

London Travel Plans required by the local government in Greater London Location should be written in accordance with Transport for London and the Mayor of London's Travel Plan-specific Guidance.

There is also a group of West London Boroughs are dealing with Travel Planning together under an umbrella organization called the Westtrans and travel plans in those Boroughs are handled by officers of Westtrans okanyway.com

All London Boroughs aims for the same results ' to cut traffic and congestion in the city and reduce the need for parking to encourage staff (and occasionally customers) to use public transport, walk or cycle. The art of the time of writing was to show the Itinerary you are helping to achieve this goal without doing your clients to expensive measures both short term and long term.

This requirement has been in place for several years now and the content and quality of the travel plans, especially in London, now given more scrutiny than in the past. Often in London, developers are trying to reduce the parking in their site or in some cases does not provide parking at all and in this situation the bespoke, practical plan and well written can be key to achieve planning permission.

In all cases the challenge is to balance the demands of commercial business while formulating a strong and detailed plans are often the key to securing planning permission. For example I recently dealt with a new hotel with a zero in the parking lot. This means that staff and guests traveling to the site need to be actively addressed through a range of special measures to discourage car travel.

Instead I just deal with the hotel has free parking on the site. In this case I had to concoct the itinerary that shows active measures to reduce the demand for parking spaces during the initial period for 5 years.

Both sites are covered by the overall policy of London-the same width but the problem determined that individual site plans that are very different. In both instances I managed to achieve solutions that meet the needs of my client's commercial and satisfied the requirements of local government '.

Different approaches and requirements in each case indicates that the template is a misnomer. In my opinion the templates that are available tend to generate clients who sign up for action is expensive and impractical. In terms of cost, as the plan is monitored at least 5 years, management fees can also be significantly advanced if not taken into consideration at an early stage OkAnyWay.com