Christmas and Holiday Gifts For Fishermen

                    Fishermen and fishing enthusiasts enjoy a wide range of Christmas and holiday gifts. Because fishing has so many specialized forms, the art, crafts and gift industries have responded with gifts for every niche as well as gift items that are suitable for general fishing enthusiasts. While fishing may have been a sport that was dominated by men in the past, modern fishing includes both sexes and has become much more of a family activity. Stores now offer gifts created specifically for men, women and children of all ages. Sweatshirts are an excellent choice for fishermen. Most anglers spend at least some time fishing in cool weather and a fishing-related sweatshirt is almost always a welcome addition to their wardrobe. Online stores have fishing sweatshirts of every type imaginable. Fishing coffee mugs are popular with fishermen. Online stores offer an excellent selection of coffee cups and mugs decorated with images of fish icons. Cups and mugs are available in several sizes and there is a product for virtually every species of fish and type of fishing. For anglers that enjoy artwork, fish rubbings, or Gyotaku are a potential gift idea. The Gyotaku technique relatively simple. Artists apply paint or ink to an actual fish, then lay paper or canvas on top of it. The paper or other media is rubbed over the fish and gently peeled off to expose the likeness. Posters, prints and calendars are great gifts for anglers. Whether it's meant to decorate a den, garage or fishing cabin, calendars, prints or fish identification posters will be appreciated and proudly displayed by fishing enthusiasts. Not to be overlooked are freshwater and saltwater fish ornaments. Artists and crafters offer a wide range of Christmas and holiday ornaments that feature photographs, paintings or logos of a favorite fish species. These make excellent gifts and ornaments of several species can be combined to create specialized collections. When preparing for the Christmas season, shoppers may also want to check out fishing-related Christmas cards, postcards or note cards. Some cards will have fishing photos or prints, while others will display a particular species of fish. These cards make good choices when sending holiday greetings to fellow anglers and boaters.